1990's Single Wall Fibreglass Tanks Don't Mix With Ethanol E10 Fuels

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Single wall fiberglass tanks older than than 15 years, which had contained E10 fuel during their life are at a very high risk of developing integrity issues due to fibreglass failure due to ethanol. The photo to the left depicts an older single wall fibreglass tank physically damaged by the E10 fuel.
JG Pohl, Director, TankRelining,com Sydney Australia

Ethanol E10 Fuel Tank Conversion & Upgrade

During the the E10 fuel tank conversion and upgrade process, we reline the fuel tank with the latest Fibre Reinforced Glass (FRP) which will resist chemical attack and breakdown by E1o fuels. The photo to the right depicts a newly converted and upgraded tank ready for E10 fuels.
JG Pohl, Director, TankRelining.com Sydney Australia
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